Daily Blog #5 – Are There Too Many Blogs In The World?

Sometimes I get discouraged and think my dreams are too big for my reality. But this is faulty thinking: there are no dreams too big to not push towards.

Take this blog for example. I have had other (mildly successful) blogs in the past, but none focused on topics I was truly passionate about. For a long time I have been thinking about challenging myself to create a new blog, however. One that is more free-form that will hopefully be inspirational, motivational and document my life in solitude as a writer. The only reason I didn’t start earlier is because I thought there were already too many blogs in the world, and mine won’t stand out.

Mia White (author)Maybe that’s true (probably, it’s not), so I finally just started this week. Today I checked to see where my traffic is coming from and I was shocked! The numbers aren’t amazing, but the amount of different readers from around the world is what I find to be so cool and so rewarding.

I’m not sharing this to “toot my own horn”, I’m sharing this to encourage you to do something you have been putting off.

What is one thing you have been putting off that you could start today?

Swallow your fears and cast aside your doubts – and just go for it!

Today is Day Five.

Mia White (author)

PS: I’d love to connect with you on Twitter or Instagram!

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