Daily Blog #21 – Things You Shouldn’t Care About

I am in the process of reading through an old (paper) journal. Throughout various daily writings, I had scribbled a lot of ideas for a book I now find myself working on. I also am noticing some inspiring ideas that I wish were mine, but that I would like to share with you here. I am not sure who wrote the following, but the concept is beautiful and totally worth spreading on this Monday morning.

So, here you go – a (partial) list of Things You Shouldn’t Care About…

  1. People who don’t care about you. The more you care, the less they’ll care. Just ignore them and focus on yourself.
  2. Toxic people. Just stay away from them and don’t let their negative energy drain you.
  3. Age. It’s never too late or too soon, do what you believe you should.
  4. Your past. It does shape you a lot, but you don’t have to carry the baggage everywhere you go.
  5. Society’s beauty standards. There’s so many different forms of beauty. Never let them define yours.
  6. What others think. You can never make everyone like you. Just do your best and you’ll have no regrets.

Some great ideas, don’t you think? What would you add to this list?

Have a great week! See you again tomorrow.

Mia White (author)

PS: Today is Day Twenty One.

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