Daily Blog #31 – A Highly Recommended Pulp Fiction Memoir

Yesterday I mentioned that I’ve been reading a really interesting booked called “The Fiction Factory” by John Milton Edwards which was a pen named used by William Wallace Cook. I finished his memoir last night and just loved every second of it!

Here’s some more info on the fascinating read:

William Wallace Cook was a famously prolific writer, turning out so much pulp fiction that he was called “the man who deforested Canada.” Best remembered today for his plot-generation book, Plotto, Cook also chronicled his first two decades as a high-volume pulp writer, The Fiction Factory. He tells how he got started as a fiction writer and the ups and downs of freelancing at the turn of the last century. In addition to being fascinating reading in its own right, the book shows how much harder writing used to be. Cook was not only an early adopter of the typewriter, gratefully abandoning his fountain pen, but also of the index-card-based filing system, which made his precious collection of background material (newspaper and magazine clippings) far more accessible. There’s no better chronicle of an author writing quickly and with increasing ease, year after year.

The passage I really liked was this:

I shall make this the best story I have ever written – I shall weave my soul into it – and whether it sells or not I shall be satisfied to know that I have put upon the paper the BEST that is in me.

It’s inspiring to read a book that was written over a hundred years ago – and to see how us writer’s face the same trials and tribulations today. It was inspiring to read a memoir by a highly prolific author who would have loved the era of Kindle publishing!

Cook inspires me to write more and publishing more. Highly recommended!

Mia White (author)

PS: Today is Daily Blog #31.

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