Daily Blog #53 – Thanks To You I Increased My Sales By 201% In 30 Days!

“Writing is nothing more than a guided dream.”
(Jorge Luis Borges)

I love the last day of each month because it’s the day I get to take stock and review all of my publishing reports to see how much my business has grown over the past month.

I’m happy to say that during October I wrote 63,483 words. In November, I wrote 119,165 words. In October, I edited 158,604 words. In November, I edited 124,372 words. No huge change between edited words, but I’m really proud with the increase in written ones. After all, I made my #1 goal a simple one: write daily.

I spent much of October analyzing my approach as an indie author. This led me to the business plan of pulp writer William Wallace Cook outlined in his 1923 book “The Fiction Factory”. During November, I took his suggestions suggestions to heart and applied ideas from his book to my own genre and goals. The success was pretty shocking.

I chose to focus on frequent publishing and, because of this, over the past month I had 84% more downloads of free books. Interestingly, there was an 82% increase of Kindle Unlimited page reads. So offering free titles is almost equal to getting guaranteed KU page reads.

Compared to October, the sales numbers increased drastically in November as well. I attribute this to the frequency of my release schedule. My book sales increased by a shocking 316%! I also modified my International pricing structure which resulted in a 492% overall increase of money earned from book sales! Pretty incredible.

Now, even though these numbers sound shockingly high – please keep in mind that I am comparing November with October (the first month I started to really focus on analyzing my publishing strategy). The total income from either month still is very, very, very far from my financial goals. I am still not at the point of earning a comfortable living as an indie author. So my numbers may sound high – but trust me, I made a very small income in November. However, taking all factors in to account which I mentioned above, my earnings as an author increased 201% over the past month. I am so f***ing excited about that!

If I continue to pursue the strategy of frequent publishing and continue to analyze the numbers, I am confident the overall growth will only continue to increase dramatically with each new month.

This leads me to my final point: you.

Without you I couldn’t have done anything. If a writer doesn’t have a reader, are they even a writer? Thank you for reading my words. Even if you have yet to read one of my books, I appreciate you taking the time to read this blog post. My daily audience is still incredible small (under 100 unique visitors) and my social media numbers are still quite modest as well (around 600 on Instagram and about 500 on Twitter), I am confident as I continue to focus on our loving little community it will only increase slowly over time.

I guess my point is to say thank you for being a reader and a friend. Let’s keep kicking butt as we all pursue our dreams and desires!

Mia White (author)
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