Daily Blog #63 – Creativity Takes Courage

“Creativity takes courage.”
(Henri Matisse)

It takes immense amounts of courage to put yourself out there. Day in and day out, creating and expressing yourself through art. Whatever you are doing creatively already sets you ahead of the game: most people are too scared to share, too scared to create, too scared to live pursuing their creative passions.

Yesterday I got a one star review for a damn good book. And it was from a “customer” who “bought” my book for $0.00 during a promotion on Amazon. So this “person” didn’t even pay for the product they were reviewing! I checked their past reviews and they give EVERY book a one star review! LOL. It seems this sad person takes out their frustration in life by ripping into strangers. I suspect she is a failed author that has never tried to put herself out there in the first place.

I decided I won’t ever read any reviews on Amazon. Who cares what others think about your work?

Most likely they didn’t have the courage to create in the first place. Much less publish and share their words with the entire planet.

If you are a creator, prepare to grow thick skin and learn to have the discipline to ignore the haters, the doubters and everyone that will attack you for being an artist. They are just insanely jealous you had the balls to go fearlessly after your dreams!

Mia White (author)
Amazon Author Page

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