Daily Blog #77 – The Prison Of Your Mind

“If you can build a prison for the mind, then slavery does not require guards with guns, or cells with bars, or even awareness of enslavement.”

Are you a slave to the prison of your mind?

Did you build this prison?

Do you hold the key to unlocking the gates that confine you?

Are you aware of your enslavement?

Is the guard keeping you in prison…you?

Some questions to ask yourself today.

We are all slaves, caught in some prison. To varying degrees, of course. Some of us may be tortured in a maximum security prison, and some of us might just be on house arrest. Either way, we are in a self made prison. The prison is built with negative thoughts, lies we believe from society, conditions we have been taught over the years as to who we should become. But the truth is: none of it is real. And since you built the prison, you can also destroy it. You have that power! Brick by brick, demolish it. Burn the prison to the ground! You do this by freeing your mind to see the real truth in life: that you are special, you are unique, you are strong, you are loved and you are worthy of your wildest dreams!

Now, go! Get that sledgehammer and start breaking down those prison walls!

Mia White (author)
Amazon Author Page

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