Daily Blog #97 – Dance With Your Dreams

“Life is following you.
Your destiny is in your hands.
Whatever you think and feel will decide your life.”

You decide your life. The course you will take. The outcome of your journey. Your sadness. Your happiness. Your successes. Your failures. It is – ultimately – entirely up to you. This may cause you to feel overwhelmed, worried even. But, alas, when you start to wake up to this realization, warming up to it like a melting ice cube on a hot cement sidewalk on a summer day, you will quickly realize this is the most freeing concept in the entire world! There are no rules, no laws, no “shoulds”, “woulds” and “coulds” that you must adhere to: all you need to do is dance with your dreams…and everything will always work itself out!

Mia White (author)
Amazon Author Page

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