Daily Blog #105 – Phone Down, Head Up!

“People are prisoners to their phones. That’s why they’re called cell phones.”

The world existed just fine without them. People flourished. Great works of art were created. Poems, songs and films were made without them. People fell in love without them – they even met each other without them!

Your world is shaped by reality, the things you can see and touch and smell and feel on your skin. Your phone is just another distraction – a screen to keep your head down and force you to stay in line with the masses.

The truly free thinkers – the ones that will create the next great work of art, write the next groundbreaking novel or create an entirely new genre of music – they will do it without their phone. They will do it the way it’s been done for centuries upon centuries. They will do it, because they put their phone down, lifted their head up, and started to live again.

Mia White (author)
Amazon Author Page

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