Daily Blog #131 – A Virtual Kick In The Pants

“You are responsible for creating a life that makes you happy and fulfilled.
No one else can do that for you.”

It’s easy to blame your success (or failure) on the outside forces at work in your life. Maybe you weren’t born into a wealthy family. Maybe you live in an oppressive environment. Maybe your childhood wasn’t happy or healthy. Maybe you are in a dead-end job. Maybe you are homeless. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

Well, I’m here to give you a virtual kick in the pants today.

Take all your maybes and throw them in the garbage.

You can’t build a life on maybes.

You – and only you – are 100% entitled to a grand and glorious life. It is solely your responsibility to make it happen. No one will hand it to you. No one will fix you. You won’t win the lottery. You have to work. Your. Ass. Off.

Get at it!

Mia White (author)
Amazon Author Page

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