Daily Blog #134 – Seven Billion People

“1 Universe. 8 Planets. 195 countries. 1864 islands. 7 seas.
7 billion people.
Don’t let 1 person ruin your day.”

It is so easy to be having a perfectly good day, sun shining, birds chirping, all that jazz – and somehow comes along and shits on your party.

It can be as simply as a door not being held open, a car cutting you off on the road, or an unreturned “hello” from a stranger you pass on the street. This happens all the time here in Chicago, by the way. It used to drive me crazy. Seriously, I’d go out of my way to smile or nod a greeting – and the person I interacted with doesn’t reciprocate. What a jerk!

I learned something the other day: what if their inaction, their negativity, their shitting on my party – what if that’s a small learning lesson from the Universe? What if it’s God’s way of teaching me patience? Lord only know I need some.

Now, I’m practicing not letting little things ruin my day. I’m learning to simply let go and move on…all while staying positive.

Mia White (author)
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