Daily Blog #150 – The Narcissist’s False Narrative

“When a narcissist can no longer control you,
they will instead try to control how others see you.”

We have all been the victims of a narcissist’s hurtful and cruel behavior. Statistically it’s impossible for you not to have felt the hurt of narcissist. They are more common then you may think: about 1% of the population. 75% of them are men.

That said, once you flee from the narcissist – which you always must do as it is the only way to healthfully handle them – they will continue to attempt to destroy your life…from a far.

You must prepare for this.

It will be a coordinated and well thought out attack. They will attempt to destroy your life, by controlling the narrative on how others see you.

Be prepared for hurt.

In the end, as long as you ignore everything and continue just being you, all will be well. You must have faith and simply persevere: eventually all of the gossip, rumors and lies will be shown to be just that: lies. A false narrative. You will be victorious. Simply let the abuse wash over you – ignore everything – and focus on building the life you want.

It always works out in the end.

Mia White (author)
Amazon Author Page

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