Daily Blog #152 – Love Can Hide Behind Masks

A wise man once said,
“be careful who you let on your ship,
because some people will sink the whole ship
just because they can’t be the captain.”

Are you guarding your mind?


Did you know you also need to guard your life?

You must keep your circle small – the immediate people around you shouldn’t necessarily be “yes men”, but they should be folks that challenge you, make you want to be bigger and better, and more than anything be an example of love and joy in your life.

Regardless if they are (blood) relatives (family) or friends – make sure the closest relationships in your life are build upon love, trust and happiness.

Be carefully about everyone in your life. Love can hide behind masks. Watch out for this!

One way you can always “test” those around you is by focusing on their actions, rather than their words. Any one can say anything, but what folks do is much, much more important.

Are they demonstration love?

Mia White (author)
Amazon Author Page

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