A Place Beyond Happiness



Bookish barista Claire is moving from her small apartment in Chicago to the sprawling ranch estate of Bozeman billionaire Tradrick Washington III. The lovers have only known each other for a week, but Claire thinks they may be soulmates. As she leaves her family, friends and the only life she’s ever known in the Windy City behind, Claire realizes she is now in a place beyond happiness: a fairy tale land where dreams really do come true. Arriving in Montana, Claire blissfully recalls the sensual, taboo adventures she and her cowboy lover (and their female guest) had earlier in the day. Her memories are interrupted by a phone call which threatens to end everything, however. Will this be another bump in the road to true love, or is her relationship with the hunky cowboy doomed forever? It’s a shocking twist which sends Claire into a total panic.

Mia White (author)