Mia White is a proudly eclectic indie author. Hailing from Chicago, Ms. White has spent the past two decades working as a full-time, professional indie artist and entrepreneur. In addition to her writing, she is an award-winning musician and filmmaker. In her spare time she volunteers at several animal shelters in the Windy City and is on the board of her neighborhood LGBT advocacy center.

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Writing_laptopIN MY OWN WORDS

Hi, I’m Mia. I wanted to take a minute to write my bio in my own words – something a little less formal. I grew up in Chicago and despite traveling the world many times over, I still think it’s the best city on the planet. I started working as an indie musician and filmmaker and eventually found my passion: writing! I’m a total book nerd, a foreign film snob, a crazy cat lady and a lover of all things pumpkin spice. I obsesses over pen ink (no seriously, collecting pens is a legit hobby of mine) and I love notebooks and planners. I usually get tired of my planner after a few months and replace it with a new one. It’s mildly insane. I love writing, and so consequently I love you – for reading my words.