And Then I See A Darkness -Act 1

a gothic romance_ in ten acts


Theodore Turner had a vibrant life: dreams, ambitions, hobbies, friends, a career and a sprawling plantation estate. But since the war and the tragedy, it was as if the old Theodore Turner was dead and gone. Perhaps he was the true ghost of Turner Manor? No! But indeed he was living in some kind of purgatory, some strange parallel universe where none of what used to be was still allowed to exist. So he simply floated and flickered through his days: life becoming just a series of never-ending strange feelings, constantly plagued by The Darkness and his wife Annabelle. Late one night a strange woman named Sadie Green arrives at Theodore’s door – she stands to change everything. Act 1 of “And Then I See A Darkness: A Gothic Romance In Ten Acts” introduces the reader to the eccentric cast of characters living  near Chatham County, Georgia during the winter of 1869.

Please note: this novel length story will be released in ten “Acts”. This is Act 1 of 10.

Mia White (author)