Daily Post #162 – It All Comes Down To Action

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”
(Walt Disney)

It all comes down to action.

You must act.

If you want that special someone, act.

If you want that new job, act.

If you want to learn that special talent, act.

If you want to live in a new city (or state or even country), act.

If you want more money, act.

If you want health, act.

If you want happiness, act.

Act. Act. Act!

You must act.

It all comes down to action.

Mia White (author)
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Daily Blog #161 – Love Requires Practice

“Before you assume, learn.
Before you judge, understand.
Before you hurt, feel.
Before you say, think.”

Take a step back.

Put on your neighbor’s shoes. Your boss’s shoes. Your partner or lover’s shoes. What do you see?

Look at yourself from their point of view. Now what do you see?

If the world wants peace, we must learn to not judge, not assume. We must practice understanding, learning, thinking and loving.

Love requires practice.

How will you do this today?

Mia White (author)
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Daily Blog #160 – Your Happiness Is All That Matters

“The problem is people are being hated when they are real,
and are being loved when they are fake.”
(Bob Marley)

We live in plastic times. Open Instagram – everyone is perfect and happy and is having a wonderful time.

I’m here to tell you today that looks can (and usually, are) deceiving.

Those smiling, happy people are probably lonely, stressed and unfulfilled.

The world will love what is fake – because the world loves shinny, bright toys.

But when someone is real – warts and all – the world will ignore them. Well, the good news is that although you are on this world, you do NOT need to be of this world.

You do you. Your happiness is all that matters.

Fuck the ‘gram, be happy!

Mia White (author)
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Daily Blog #159 – All That Matters Is Action

“Your beliefs don’t make you a better person.
Your behavior does.”
(Sukhraj Dhillion)

It is all about your behavior. Your beliefs mean absolutely nothing. Do not judge a person’s character on their words, rather, look at their actions.

Anyone can talk about saving the world.

Let’s sit back and watch who actually puts in the work.

That’s why politicians are so despised. They are all talk. They will talk and talk and talk. They will say anything – whatever they think the public wants to hear.

All that matters is action.

Nothing else.

Action is all that matters.

Mia White (author)
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Daily Blog #157 – Work Harder

“Winning means you’re willing to go longer,
work harder, and give more than anyone else.”
(Vince Lombardi)

I am writing this on a Saturday. I always work on Saturdays. I also work on Sundays. As a matter of fact, I work seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Because I have found something I love to do.

And because I want to succeed. I have goals and dreams. A vision.

I will work harden and go longer than anyone else.

How about you?

What are you actively doing each day to achieve your dreams?

Mia White (author)
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Daily Blog #156 – Audit Your Mind

“Protect yourself from your own thoughts.”

You must protect your thoughts.

Cling to your mind like it is your most precious commodity. For, it is.

Guard your thoughts.

Constantly audit your mind.

Are your thoughts in alignment with your dreams and desires?

If not, why not?

Perhaps it is the people in your life, the media you consume, the habits you engage in.

Turn off your phone, blow up your TV, move to the country, eat a lot of peaches, try to find Jesus.

Mia White (author)
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Daily Blog #155 – The Value Of Every Drop

“Once you carry your own water, you will learn the value of every drop.”

I admire the indies.

The indie filmmakers.

The indie musicians.

The indie authors.

The brave souls that believe in their work so much that they don’t wait for the gatekeepers or for a “big break”. They don’t wait for the stars to align. They don’t look for a magic bullet.

They simply create, release and do it all over again the next day.

Beyond being highly admirable, this indie spirit gives you an incredible work ethic. You learn the value of each task – because usually you are doing them all.

For example, I am an author – and a publisher. And there are tasks associated with each career that I would never have imagined. And I am grateful to have learned both sides of the coin (I should say I am “learning” as there is still so much to understand).

The value of every drop can only come from carrying your own water.

Mia White (author)
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Daily Blog #154 – Be Quiet

“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.”

It’s been said that the people that make the most noise, usually have the least to say.

I think this is very true.

Consider this concept at your next social function or dinner party. Is the “center of attention” actually saying anything relevant? Or, are they simply doing whatever they can to “stay in the spotlight”?

On a more positive spin, the quieter you become the more you will be able to hear – you’ll be able to catch the small golden ideas and life insights necessary for your happiness and success.

Be quiet. You’ll hear so much more!

Mia White (author)
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