Kiss The Boys And Make Them Die

Kiss The Boys And Make Them Die - JPG


Poppy Justice is back in another gritty, pulp fiction inspired story of vigilante justice! Poppy must settle an old score she has with an enigmatic man named Brad Leonard. It’s another mind-bending adventure that is strangely familiar for the noir genre as it is starkly unique, fresh and absolutely original. As the lead protagonist Poppy frequently interacts and bickers with the real-life author of the story Mia, the reader learns that both women have revenge on their minds. In a style of writing one critic called, “an anarchist’s view of the rules and norms of the English language…author Mia White paints a rich landscape that is both haunting, strange and brutally honest…stick with this story – it builds slow, but burns with mad genius by its climax!”

Mia White (author)