Pursuing Anarchy



Melanie was cursed: she had opened Pandora’s Box ever so slightly, and now that she had a peek of its treasures all she wanted was more, more, more! Sexy poet Dr. Armando Fontaine and his spunky student Melanie are on a sexual adventure in New York City. The daring duo from Arizona’s Cactus State University are taking an erotic bite out of the Big Apple and all of its forbidden fruits. The professor has a lesson planned in group love for his young freshman. Armando brings his lover to the Monday Night Onania Club – a secret society of masked intellectuals which meet for a weekly gathering of self gratification. The object of their attention this week is Melanie and the teen is about to get an education in just how freaky people can be when the lines between fantasy and reality merge into one deafening sound of pure hedonistic desire.

Please note: this story is extra steamy, but includes no cheating and a HEA is guaranteed.

Mia White (author)