The Naughty Nympho’s New Year’s Resolutions

Naughty Nymphos New Years Resolutions - JPG


When a naughty nymphomaniac makes a list of new year’s resolutions, the whole gang wins! Fresh from getting over a heartbreak, college girl Ashley spends her winter break in Denver pursing her dreams, desires and lusty fantasies. It starts with hunky pizza delivery man Richard, whom she nicknames “Dick” (for obvious reasons), and ends with a group of Dick’s friends ringing in the new year in a very special way for the passionate young woman.

Please note: this story is sexy, steamy-safe and a HEA is guaranteed. “The Naughty Nympho’s New Year’s Resolutions” is part of author Mia White’s “Steamy Romance Quickies”, a brand new series of standalone titles. The characters and settings change, but one thing remains the same: these are steamy, sexy, short reads. After all, who doesn’t love a nice quickie? 😉

Mia White (author)