Winter Is So Basic

Winter Is So Basic - JPG


Brittany Winter hasn’t been bullied since fifth grade, which is what makes the situation at her new job so bizarre. Her hipster co-workers at the architect firm in Brooklyn seem to think the perky brunette is basic. But is she? Sure she religiously watches The Bachelor and wants to be buried in her Uggs, and yes it’s true she thinks shopping at Target is pure bliss and is always down to get some non-fat vanilla froyo afterwards, but who doesn’t like watching Mean Girls or The Notebook and winding down from a stressful day with Pinterest? Maybe Brittany is basic. But is that a bad thing? Her hunky Danish boss, Aksel Christiansen doesn’t think so – in fact, he’s more than a little attracted to the adorable girl who loves scented candles, Beyoncé and a nice kale salad with her box of wine. Their cute comedic romance soon turns steamy when Aksel and Brittany finally put their love of Starbucks on hold and give in to their hedonistic lust.

Mia White (author)